Dolphins live in small groups called pods. Some pods join together to form schools. A dolphin school may have more than 1,000 animals. Dolphins use squeaks, squeals, and whistles to ”talk” to each other. Some dolphins in a pod are in charge of watching for sharks and other predators. Dolphins work together to catch prey. Dolphin pods will swim circles around a school of fish until the fish are tightly packed together. this big group of fish is called a” bait ball”. When the fish have nowhere to escape, the dolphins take turns diving in for a snack. when a dolphin swims slowly, it rises to the surface and breathes once or twice a minute. when a dolphin swims fast, it leaps out of the water to catch its breath when a dolphin breathes out, air blasts out of its blowhole at 100 miles an hour. Dolphins have great eyesight, but the ocean can be very dark. it’s hard for dolphins to see the little fish they like to eat on the ocean floor. if a dolphin is hunting alone, it will put its head to the ground and make a clicking noise. the noise hits anything in theĀ  dolphin’s path and bounces back. A dolphin can find a fish by seeing it with sound. more then 30 different kinds of dolphins live on Earth. Most dolphins swim in warm ocean waters near the Equator. But some live in cooler seas north and south of the Equator, and some even live in rivers. Have you ever seen a porpoise. It looks like a dolphin, but it’s different. You say it like this poor pus. A dolphin ‘s body is longer and leaner than a porpoise’s body. Dolphins are more curious and playful, too. Have you ever seen a dolphin with a long pointy snout. This funny looking mammal is a river dolphin. River dolphins are smaller then their ocean-swimming cousins. They are also less active and playful. The most amazing dolphin of all is the ORCA, also known as the killer whale. The orca wins almost every record-setting award in the dolphin category. Dolphins spend a lot of time hunting for food. And they are always on the lookout forĀ  danger. But sometime’s dolphin’s just want to have fun. Dolphin’s make up all kinds of games. Dolphins are gentle, playful creatures. They are also very smart, which is why people and dolphins get along so well. By learning about these friendly marine mammals, humans are helping to protect dolphins and the waters they live in. I Love Dolphins.